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  • Did you receive a notice from the IRS? Do you have outstanding liabilities owed to the IRS? Do you have unfiled returns?

    Correspondence with the IRS can be both intimidating and confusing. You can significantly lessen your stress by working with us to determine the best resolution for your situation. Instead of facing the IRS yourself, Enrolled Agents at Accounting Strategies can serve as your IRS representatives. This frees you up to continue with your daily activities while we review the notices, determine issues identified, and outline a course of action.
    When you owe the IRS, we never tell you to “just pay the bill,” no matter how small or large the amount. We walk with you through every step of the process, explaining the situation, verifying information presented by the IRS, and preparing responses and requests for reductions, penalty abatement, or Offer-in-Compromises. When you have the tax professionals at Accounting strategies representing you, rest assured that we will safeguard your information as a taxpayer; We will make certain the IRS follows all procedures and acts within their guidelines; We will represent you to ensure compliance and reduce your potential tax liability exposure before state & federal tax agencies.

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